How to Store Clothes In a Small Living Space

As cool as capsule wardrobes look, the truth is that not all of us can prescribe to that kind of minimal lifestyle. For some of us, clothing bursts out from every seem of our bedrooms: from the closet to the floor and onto the designated “junk chair.”

Inevitably, this means we rely on dressers for clothing that just doesn’t fit in our closets. But dressers are very bulky. And their large stature means there’s no extra room to fit all of life’s other necessities (like a bed — which we consider a high priority). And if your room is on the smaller side to start with, this is especially true. 

But the good news is that there are plenty of ways to store clothing without a dresser. Ahead, we gathered 10 of our favorite small space clothing solutions. From the small but mighty under-bed storage to the iconic, ever-in-style clothing rack. Trust us, there’s no need for that massive dresser your parents bought when you moved into your first solo apartment. Ditch the dresser once and for all and streamline your wardrobe storage.

Umbra vala mirror

Umbra Vala Floor Mirror

It’s a mirror. It’s a clothing rack. It’s a room divider. Or, if you get really creative, it’s all three at the same time. We love how the slim profile of this rack is adjustable so you can mold it to your space — no matter how small your bedroom is.

Invisible packing rack

CB2 Invisible Packing Rack

With brass detailing and an acrylic shelf, this clothing rack is as much a work of art as it is functional storage. Plus, unlike some of the clothing racks we’ve seen that take up just as much room as a dresser, this one is only 39 inches at its widest. So you can snuggle it into tight spaces.

Leaning Coat Hanger

West Elm Leaning Coat Hanger

For those who liked that aforementioned minimalist style (but lack the emotional capability to Marie Kondo your entire wardrobe), this is the perfect solution for you. The sleek single bar leans against the wall, providing a discreet place to hang bits and bobs.

STUK storage case

IKEA STUK Storage Case

If you’re the kind of person who leaves all of your clothing in the closet year-round, we’d love to introduce you to our favorite little secret: underbed storage boxes. Tuck out-of-season clothing or special occasion pieces out of sight so you can leave your closet for the truly important things.

Adesso tony coat rack

Bed Bath & Beyond Adesso Tony Coat Rack

Unassumingly so, coat racks can be used for more than their intended purpose. Sure, you can use it as a way to store your denim jackets and blazers. Or, you can use it as a clothing tree, draping tank tops around the branches and hanging hangers from the metal rings. 

Gellar Hall Tree

Carbon Loft Gellar Hall Tree

Our favorite storage is the kind that charades as something else entirely. This bench-and-coat rack hybrid has cleverly designed storage underneath the bench seat and behind the mirror, so you can hang, fold, and stow away everything from jackets to shoes.

Lucy Mango Wood and Steel Storage Bench

Pottery Barn Lucy Mango Wood & Steel Storage Bench

End-of-the-bed benches are the pinnacle of a cozy room. This one, complete with geometric modern legs and a padded seat is a great addition to any room. But it’s the under-the-bench storage that’s the cherry on top. Nuzzle baskets inside for t-shirts and pajamas or roll-up linens for easy access.

Anthropologie folding garment rack

Anthropologie Westen Folding Garment Rack

If you’re looking for clothing storage that can easily tuck away when not in use, a folding rack is exactly what you need. This one, which looks like a drying rack, has two levels for hanging, plus a fabric shelf that’s ideal for bulky sweaters. 

World Market Metal and Wood Wall Storage

World Market Metal And Wood Braedyn Wall Storage

For those with really small rooms (and we mean really small), floor space might be in hot demand. Instead of sacrificing your favorite furniture, use the wall to your advantage. This style mounts cubbies on the wall that can be filled with baskets. Use the hooks to hang hoodies and jackets and keep the wood top clear or decorate it like a vanity top. 

Platform storage bed

Hashtag Home Vibe Storage Platform Bed

At first glance, this platform bed looks like any other platform bed. But take a closer look, and the frame is the perfect hiding spot for 3 massive pull-out drawers, ideal for out-of-season clothing, bulky coats, or shoes that you don’t wear every day.

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