21 Mudroom Storage Ideas: Keep Your Space Neat and Tidy

set of packages and apparel on table

Storage is a must in any home—and it’s particularly important in your mudroom. A mudroom is any room dedicated to housing shoes, coats, and other must-haves, and many mudrooms exist in the entryway of a home. After all, what better place is there to shed your muddy shoes or rainy jackets?

There are some mudrooms that don’t enjoy the luxury of space, tucked away in smaller rooms near a foyer. And of course, some mudrooms aren’t rooms at all—they’re corners that enterprising decorators have transformed into clever storage spaces. No matter what your mudroom looks like, though, it needs a thoughtful storage set-up, as mudrooms can quickly become dirty, messy places.

It takes discipline to neatly store your shoes, coats, and bags every time you step indoors—and it takes even more if there aren’t obvious places to store things. So, do yourself—and your housemates—a favor and make sure your mudroom is set up as clearly and thoughtfully as possible. The motto is simple: the easier it is to store things, the better.

Start perusing our favorite mudroom storage ideas, and get ready to take a trip to the Container Store. We’ve rounded up 21 of the tidiest, most clever mudrooms we could find to get you started.


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Matching Accents

Mudrooms are at their best when they look neat and organized, and cohesive accents can be an easy way to keep your space feeling clean.

Opt for baskets, shelves, and hangers that play well together. You’ll thank yourself the next time you enter your tiny, minimalist mudroom.


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Layers of Storage

Who said you had to choose between shelves and hangers? This two-in-one solution lets you have both at once.

There are plenty of shelves that come with pegs or hooks attached to them and be on the lookout for those when decorating your mudroom. Other shelves even come with built-in racks to drape hooks from, and that is sure to maximize your storage situation.


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See-Through Lockers

Lockers are a classic way to store backpacks, books, and other must-haves. The only problem? You have to remember which locker is yours.

But, see-through lockers—like these lockers made out of mesh—can help you get around this issue. Put in a few mesh lockers to help your little ones remember exactly where their stuff is, and revel in the fact that you added some welcome texture to your space.

IKEA Ivar Cabinet - X-Nets

IKEA Ivar Cabinet $109.00


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Colorful Pieces

When it comes to mudroom storage solutions, you should always put function first. But, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the form.

There are plenty of baskets, hooks, and trays that are pretty enough to double as décor. So, stock up on storage must-haves that are as pretty as they are practical, like these built-ins and colorful hooks shown above.

A vibrant yellow hook- X-Nets

Schoolhouse Industrial Yellow Mollie Hook $159.00

Mudroom Storage Ideas - Benches and Baskets - X-Nets

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Benches and Baskets

Benches make an excellent addition to any mudroom. Why? Mudrooms are often used to store shoes, and a bench can make it easier to slip out of your favorite sneakers and slide them back on when you’re ready to head out.

If you have the space, consider adding a bench to your mudroom. Then, throw a shoe basket underneath it for optimized storage.


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Hall of Hangers

If your mudroom is narrow, a shelf with hanging pegs can go a long way. Since the shelf sits flat against the wall, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing more space than you need to.

Despite their seemingly sleek profile, they’ll majorly help you cut down on clutter by giving your bags, coats, and scarves a more obvious place to go.

West Elm Mid-Century Hook $39.99


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Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

There’s no reason your mudroom shelves can’t run from floor to ceiling. Since you don’t need to spend much time in there, the room can get incredibly cozy. As long as you can access everything you need to, you haven’t overdone it in the storage department.


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Labeled Hangers

Hangers are a go-to storage solution in many mudrooms, and labels can be a great way to make them feel homier. Even if you’re flying solo, you can use labels to differentiate between seasonal must-haves—or to write yourself a sweet little note.

If your little ones are constantly arguing over whose hanger is whose, using handwritten labels will help them clear up the confusion.


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Small Space Solutions

A small mudroom is really just an excuse to get creative. Let your cubby cabinets double as a bench, make full use of your cabinets by tucking baskets inside them, and remember that any wall can become a storage solution if you put a hook on it.


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Cabinets and Cubbies

Remember that your shelves don’t have to look exactly the same from floor to ceiling. Thanks to the modular design, you can pair a cabinet with a column of shelves—and then, you can top things off with a row of cubbies.

Mix and match these go-to’s until you have a storage set-up that meets your needs. And remember, you can always splurge on custom cabinets if you want a really personalized solution.


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Rustic Touches

Rustic storage solutions tend to be great multitaskers: they can hold your belongings and look good doing it. So, take a look at your favorite flea market for some great finds, and consider using them in your mudroom.

A vintage stool can make an excellent shelf, and an antique basket can be a great place to store umbrellas on rainy days.

A vibrant red wire basket-X-Nets

Gracie Oaks Wire Basket $19.9


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Open and Closed Options

Have a closet in your mudroom? Well, that is an awesome feature—but, it doesn’t mean all your belongings have to go in there.

You can still take advantage of hangers, baskets, and other open storage solutions that put your cutest pieces on display. Then, you can simply store your more practical—and less photogenic—must-haves in the closet.


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Tucked-Away Drawers

Many people store baskets underneath their benches. But, drawers can be just as useful. And since they’re tucked away, they can make a particularly discreet storage solution.

This design detail might seem hard to mimic if you’re not getting custom cabinets made. But the truth is, there are tons of storage benches to choose from—and plenty of them would look great in your mudroom.

Wood Designs Contender Upholstered Drawer Storage Bench $400.00


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Multitasking Décor

Whenever possible, let your mudroom décor double as a storage solution. Remember that benches are not only great for sitting, but they can also act as shelves—and you can store tons of stuff underneath them.

Look at the pieces you’re already using in your mudroom and consider whether you could get a little more out of them. When space is limited, it makes sense to be as efficient as possible.


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Discreet Depth

If you want to add storage solutions without crowding your space, consider investing in one deep set of shelves. By tucking these shelves into a corner, you can get plenty of storage space without cluttering up the room.

Plus, you can easily put a bench on the same wall, since your bench and your cabinets can likely be the same depth.


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Spread-Out Storage

Your storage situation doesn’t have to stop at your mudroom. You can store your coats, hats, and umbrellas in your mudroom and then place a few catch-all baskets just around the corner.

These baskets can be a worthwhile investment, even if they’re left totally empty. Just make sure they’re pretty enough to double as décor, and you should be good to go.


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All-in-One Corners

If all you’re working with is a corner, rest assured you can make that corner count. By letting your shelves and cabinets run from ceiling to floor, you can make the most of every inch you’ve got.

And if you vary your storage solutions—including cabinets, cubbies, and hangers—you can pretty much guarantee you’ll have everything you need to store your belongings.


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Useful Entrances

In many homes, the mudroom is the first thing you see when you walk inside. So, you want it to be cute, functional, and tidy all at once. Think about the items you’re likely to shed the moment you walk through the door and make sure your storage situation is set up for all of them.

Have hangers on hand for coats and hats, keep shoe baskets at the ready, and maybe add a bench to make it easier to get shoes on and off.


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Hidden Cubbies

Looking for a low-profile storage solution that won’t distract from the rest of your space? Tuck a couple of cubbies under your cabinets.

These subtle shelves will offer an easy place to store blankets, baskets, and other small items. And since they’re so low to the ground, they won’t distract from the rest of your décor.


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Sneaky Storage

If your home didn’t come with a built-in mudroom, consider converting a wall into a smaller storage space. By adding cubbies, hangers, and a bench that doubles as a shelf, you can get plenty of storage space without crowding your foyer.

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Hanger Art

Remember that you don’t have to hang your hooks in a line. You can cluster them to form creative designs that’ll double as a work of wall art when your hooks are left bare.

Consider mixing and matching hooks of different sizes, too. These will leave your hook cluster looking even more dynamic—plus, the variety will help you ensure all your hanging needs are met.

A series of wooden dot hooks- X-Nets

Design Within Reach Dots $19.99

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