Best Toy Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

young woman with boxes while moving out of old home

Having kids can make staying organized a little more difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, with a little pre-planning, you can make clean-up a whole lot faster and even get your kid to join in on the chore. It takes a few strategic and well-planned storage solutions, but you can easily avoid stepping on those dreadful Legos next time you walk into the playroom.

Being proactive is definitely the best way to stay on top of the organization game, so ensuring you and your family clean up after play every time is key. But you can make it easier by setting up toy storage that works.

Here are some of the most brilliant toy storage ideas we have found.

Dresser with shelves above it

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Hang Shelves

Starting off with a simple but easy storage idea that anyone can implement in an afternoon. Hang a few simple floating shelves above a dresser or changing table for easy access to the items you need quickly. Just be sure to add in a few objects to keep it stylish.

White storage in a play room

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Consider Exposed and Hidden Storage

When you think about storing your kid’s toys, you will definitely want a place you can toss things where no one can see them. Consider a unit that offers cubbies for easy access to the books and toys your kid uses every day but also features a few cabinets that can hide away messes quickly.

Basement toy room

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Go for Stacking Bins

Stacking bins or floating bins, such as these wooden ones, are perfect for easy access to toys and easy cleanup.

Wardrobe for toy storage

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Repurpose Existing Furniture

You don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture or storage solutions to keep your child’s room clean. Repurpose an old wardrobe and fill it with baskets that can hold everything out of sight.

Couch with toy stored around it

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Tuck Baskets All-Around

One easy way to ensure you always clean up after playtime? Make sure to have a place to quickly toss toys as soon as your kid is done. Keep baskets all around the room for quick storage that can be tucked away whenever guests come.

Day bed with storage

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Consider Furniture With Storage

If you’re trying to find storage space for toys in your kid’s room, consider furniture that works overtime. A day bed with under-the-bed storage is perfect for using up every square inch of a small space.

Playroom with rainbow toys

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Keep the Toys on Display

If your child’s toys are as colorful and beautiful as these, consider open shelving units that allow you to show them off and keep everything in sight. If you want to go the extra mile, you can color coordinate them too.

Playhouse in a toy room

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Let the Toy Do the Storing

In a large playhouse like this one, carve out a few nooks and crannies for toy storage so you can easily tuck all the odds and ins away without taking them out of the playhouse.

Rolling cart with toys

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Use Rolling Bins

Not every home has enough space for a dedicated playroom. If your child often plays in various rooms, consider a rolling cart for his or her toys so you can bring them right where you need them.

Built-ins in a toy room

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Go for Built-Ins

A built-in unit is not only incredibly stylish, but it is also a great solution for small spaces. Splurge a little and opt for custom cabinetry with doors to hide away any clutter.

Toy room with plastic bins

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Go for Color Coding

We love colorful plastic bins when it comes to organizing. This is a great way to keep things in order by creating a “system” for your child to follow. For example, all games go in red, school supplies in yellow, and so on.

Wicker baskets for toys

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Use Baskets and Cubbies

Whether your toy storage is out in a shared space or you simply want to elevate the look in your kid’s room, cubbies filled with wicker baskets are perfect for storing toys out of sight and keeping a clean, modern look.

Toy storage

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Keep Some Toys Out

Not everything has to be tucked away out of sight. Books and other small toys can stay outside of baskets so your child is more incentivized to reach for them.

Teal lockers

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Use Lockers

We love this school locker look that gives any playroom a whimsical vibe. Set up schoolhouse-style lockers to tuck away all toys.

Storage for toys

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Use Different Types of Storage

Consider a variety of storage options such as baskets and open-faced stackable bins so you can customize the storage solution for each type of toy.

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Clear bins for storage

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Label Everything

Make it easy to find that game next time by keeping a clear labeling system and consider clear bins that make it easier to see everything inside.

Bookshelf with toys

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Rethink Bookcases

Sometimes a full bookcase is simply too big for just books. Mix and match the shelves by adding a few baskets to store toys next to your favorite reads.

Craft room storage

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Opt for Mesh Containers

While we love baskets because it is easy to toss toys in and create a clean room in seconds, sometimes it makes it a little more difficult to find exactly what you need. Instead, consider baskets made from mesh or metal that are partially opaque but still clear enough to see what is inside without taking each one down.

Large Ikea bookcase

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Go Wild With Cubbies

A cubby such as Ikea’s Kallax unit is perfect for any playroom or children’s bedroom. You can expand the storage as your child grows and you need more space or you can reduce it if they start to outgrow some toys.

Desk with storage

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Use a Desk for Storage

Whether your child is remote learning or just needs a place to study, consider a desk that comes with built-in storage so you can keep your kid’s school supplies and toys right where they need them.

Baskets on a shelf

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Use Modular Storage

Modular storage shelves are great for a growing family. You can easily adjust the shelf sizes as your storage needs change without re-installing anything. This is perfect if your kid often outgrows toys and you don’t want to DIY a solution to his or her current passions.

Toy alcove in a bedroom

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Create a Cubby

Not only is this adorable little play cubby perfect for imagination and dreaming, but it’s also a perfect way to double up on storage when it’s not in use.

Wicker cabinet with storage

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Add a Standing Cabinet

Look for pieces such as cabinets or media consoles that can double as toy storage. These are great for providing out-of-sight storage solutions that are also visually appealing.

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