20 Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas to Kick Clutter

well organized womans wardrobe

Your bedroom closet holds your most important clothing and your favorite accessories. So why is it so often a mess? It’s time to leave the clutter behind and bring some organization to your closet. We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite bedroom closet organization ideas that will help you get inspired to tidy up your own, no matter its shape, size, or condition. And they’re so good, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

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bedroom closet organization ideas shelf dividers

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Use Shelf Dividers

Piles of sweaters and pants can look messy and unorganized on a closet shelf. To prevent this, use shelf dividers. Shelf dividers separate the closet space and allow for a clear distinction between different types and styles of clothing.

bedroom closet organization ideas baskets and bins

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Combine Baskets With Bins

When it comes to closet storage, it’s important to consider all the storage that’s available to you. Open storage baskets are a great pick for items that need to be worn regularly, while closed bins can be used to store lesser-used or more cluttered items.

simple bedroom closet organization ideas

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Keep It Simple

Not all closets need to have 40+ hangers and 10+ boxes and bins. If your wardrobe is more minimal, your closet should reflect that. To create a minimal bedroom closet, only hang what you’ll be wearing that season, and only put in boxes and bins what you regularly use or wear. Barely-worn formal wear or athletic clothing can be stored elsewhere in the home if you have the space.

bedroom closet organization ideas white

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Go White

For a fresh and clean-feeling closet (no matter how many clothes may be stored in it) use white shelving, cabinetry, and walls. Matching shades of white create a cohesive and pared-down feeling and bring a sense of peace to a space that more often than not feels a little chaotic.

bedroom closet organization ideas black

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Go Black

For a one-of-a-kind chic bedroom closet look, use all-black: black shelving, hangers, and storage. A monochrome closet like this will feel bold, stylish, and put-together. To really make the black pop, display your lightest-colored clothing in the middle of it.

bedroom closet organization ideas glass door

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Add Glass

If you want to protect your clothing from dust and dirt while still being able to view them, use glass doors and drawers. Glass doors provide protection and plenty of visual interest (as long as you keep things tidy).

clothing rack bedroom closet organization ideas

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Use Clothing Racks

If your bedroom doesn’t have a closet, or it’s being used for something else, consider adding a clothing rack to your space. Long gone are the days of flimsy aluminum racks—now you can find clothing racks that are almost as stylish as the clothes that rest upon them.

bedroom closet organization ideas velvet hangers

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Try Velvet Hangers

Good hangers can often make or break a closet space. For a luxe look that makes your clothes look better too, try velvet hangers. These high-end hangers are slim, and stylish, and prevent clothing from slipping off.

bedroom closet organization ideas wooden hangers

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Go Wooden

Another picture-perfect hanger pick is wooden hangers. These hangers bring a boutique look to your closet, and they look pretty good too. Plus, they’re far more durable and long-lasting than plastic or wood hangers.

bedroom closet organization ideas shoe shelf

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Add a Little Shoe Shelf

If your shoe collection is the highlight of your wardrobe, make sure your closet has space to show them off. And you don’t need much space to do this either—a single wall with shoe shelves in a small walk-in closet will do nicely.

bedroom closet organization ideas no doors

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Remove Your Doors

Closet doors are often seen as the curtain that we hide all of our closet clutter behind. But if your closet is well-organized, why not show it off? Removing doors brings a fun and unique look to your bedroom.

A door-free closet is the perfect maximalist pick for a closet that’s full of colorful and patterned clothing.

bedroom closet organization ideas purses

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Use Small Organizers

To bring organization to small shelves filled with multiple items (like wallets) use small organizers to give each accessory a space and to give you a way to quickly find them.

bedroom closet organization ideas frame

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Add a Frame

Closets can be so much more than boring, utilitarian spaces—they can be decorated too. One of the easiest ways to add décor to your closet is through a framed print or picture, like what’s pictured in the closet above from Laura Cattano Organizational Design. Not only does it add personality to a forgotten space, but also connects to the style in the rest of your home.

bedroom closet organization ideas dresser

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Add a Dresser

For a built-in look without the hefty price tag, add a dresser to your bedroom closet. You’ll get extra storage and some extra shelving too. But to make this look feel custom, pick a dresser in a color or finish that matches your existing closet shelving.

bedroom closet organization ideas mirror

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Don’t Forget the Mirror

Fewer things are sadder than putting together the perfect outfit only to realize you can’t see yourself in it. A full-length mirror is a must-have for any bedroom closet, but don’t worry about figuring out where to put it—an installation on the bedroom door will do.

bedroom closet organization ideas lighting

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Install Lighting

Lighting in bedroom closets is crucial, but it’s time to think beyond boring overhead lighting. Instead, instead cabinet lighting. It will be less harsh than overhead florescent, and it will make your closet (and its contents) look more high-end too. Not to mention, you’ll be able to find items more easily.

bedroom closet organization ideas accessory

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Show Off Your Accessories

If you have the space (and the stylish accessories to match) consider using your bedroom closet to show off your accessories. This affordable bedroom closet hack requires only shelving—no rods, bins, or drawers to worry about or install. Soon, your shoes, bags, and wallets can be displayed like the work of art they are.

bedroom closet organization ideas multiple racks

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Use Multiple Racks

To create as much storage as possible in your bedroom closet, use more than one rack to hang clothes. Keep the lower, more accessible rack available for clothes that are in-season or used regularly, and use the upper rack to store clothes that are out-of-season or rarely worn.

bedroom closet organization ideas color

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Make a Rainbow

Want to find what you need quickly, and add some closet style while you’re doing it? Sort your clothing by color for a rainbow effect. This works best if the color-sorted clothing is all the same type, like short-sleeved shirts. Otherwise, you risk mixing turtlenecks with tank tops.

bedroom closet organization ideas size

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Hang by Size

Another helpful way to store and hang clothing is by sorting it by size. Keep the shorter items on one side, like shorts and tanks, and keep the longer items, like formal wear or jackets, on the other.

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