These 25 Stunning Tablescapes Will Work All Year Long

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Let’s be honest: You typically associate a beautiful tablescape with a special occasion, be it Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Easter, or even a major milestone event like a baby shower or wedding. But, why wait to enjoy a meal that appeals to all of your senses? If the past year has taught us anything, it’s to enjoy all of life’s moments, even if it’s as small as hosting friends or enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal solo.

Need proof? Keep scrolling to see 25 gorgeous tablescapes that can really work year-round.

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Add a Pop of Color

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If you’re looking for a subtle way to embrace the rainbow, take a look at this setup from textile designer John Robshaw. Here, a blue and white tablescape is punctuated with magenta flowers, creating an evergreen balance between warm and cool tones.

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Give Your Table the Tonal Treatment

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When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a tonal tablescape. Molly Madfis of Almost Makes Perfect covered her setup with blush placemats, linens, and glasses. Since all three elements are the same color, but made with different materials, they spark visual intrigue without upstaging the main course.

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Experiment With Prints

tablescape  -X-Nets

Or, if you want to level up your tonal tablescape, incorporate some patterns. This arrangement from Amanda Lindroth makes a statement without feeling in-your-space. Bonus points if you match your dinner party’s menu to your tablescape. Salad and margaritas? Yes, please.

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Decorate With Dried Grass

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If a bouquet of flowers isn’t your thing, keep the cool vibes alive with pampas grass or dried wheat. “I think what works really well with this tablescape is its simplicity,” designer Neelam Gurm shares. “The chic black and white palette, complete with fur, contrasts really well with the natural elements like wheat and wood.”

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Defy Gravity

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Take your setup to new heights, literally, with a fun, pom-pom mobile. Giving your tablescape a floor-to-ceiling appeal will encourage your guests to look up from their plates and enjoy the view. Let this space from Studio DIY show you how it’s done.

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Make a Modern Monogram

tablescapes  -X-Nets

Not only are place cards an elegant touch to any tablescape, but they also give you some control over the seating arrangements so you can ensure everyone’s having a great time. If you want to give this timeless finishing touch a modern upgrade, Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper & Stitch added the first initial of each guest.

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Make a Mini Cheese Board

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Love a good cheese plate? You might want to consider adding miniature charcuterie boards to each guest’s place setting. It’s a tasty touch that will make your visitors feel special.

“The table is the center of the home,” blogger Megan Ruffles shares. “It’s where we gather with friends, make family decisions, and create lifelong memories. You could say tablescaping is one of my love languages: it’s how I show my love for the people around me and bring everyone joy.”

You could say tablescaping is one of my love languages: it’s how I show my love for the people around me and bring everyone joy.

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Layer Up

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Want to dress your dining room table up to the nines? Go big by adding all the layers, from a tablecloth to statement-making candlestick holders.

“With things opening back up, many of us are anxious to start entertaining family and friends again,” designer Cheryl Luckett says. “I love a casual event made special by a well-set table. There’s just something about setting a beautiful table that makes even the most casual gathering feel really special.”

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Create a Vignette

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Give your tablescape an Insta-ready edge by turning your centerpiece into a well-appointed centerpiece. Kaitlin Moss of the Every Hostess looked through rose-colored glasses and decked out her space with pink candles, dried flowers, and fresh blooms.

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Style for Yourself

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In case you didn’t get the note, you don’t have to wait for guests to create a great serving table. Although this setup at Every Hostess was originally designed for virtual happy hour, it’s also perfect for dining alone. A table runner, a terrazzo cheese board, and some vases? Consider what we sell.

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Focus on Tiny Touches

tablescape  -X-Nets

As the look in A Fabulous Fete proves, it’s the little things that matter. Blogger Lauren Saylor transforms arranged glassware into table settings by placing fresh flowers on plain glass.

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Treat a Theme With Care

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Yes, you can have fancy themed desktop landscapes. Listen to the music of College Housewives author and blogger Elizabeth Van Lierde. Between woven doilies, blue and white accents, and purple leaves, this tablecloth has a Greek feel without feeling overdone.

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Follow the Rules of Repetition

tablescape  - X-Nets

For a beautiful centerpiece that looks great from all angles, repeat a few. In this depiction of college housewives, the repeating amber vases and candles are reminiscent of visual ASMR.

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Make it Moody

tablescape  - X-Nets

This arrangement of college housewives is a testament to how beautiful it can be to wander the dark side of the color wheel. With black plates, dusty blue tablecloths and moody flowers, Van Lierde packed the drama in the best possible way.

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Put Down Some Party Favors

tablescape  - X-Nets

It is well known that you are never too old to party. Celebrations at Home blogger Chris Neese took on the role of hostess by placing a personal jam jar on each table setting. A choice of cool shades completes the look and gives this setting a year-round look.

“The idea behind the table was to create a beautiful setting without being too girly or flashy,” says Nise. “Blue and purple help with that, and it’s a rather unexpected color combo.”

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Incorporate Unexpected Objects

tablescapes  - X-Nets

We allow you to add some unexpected objects to your desktop environment. Take inspiration from blogger Kat Jamison who added some wooden beads to this bohemian space.

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Accessorize With Metallics

tablescape  - X-Nets

Want to dress your dining room table to impress? Retire the boring, silver flatware and spring for an unexpected copper set, as seen in this shot from Sugar & Charm. These forks, spoons, and knives pop nicely against the bluish gray dinnerware.

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Create an Ambiance With Candles

tablescape  - X-Nets

Do you want to decorate your table to impress? Get your boring silverware and feathers out of the way with an unexpected brass set, as featured in this photo by Sugar & Charm. These forks, spoons and knives complement the blue-grey cutlery.

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Mix and Match

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Good news for those who don’t have the right cookware: The countertop doesn’t have to be exactly the same. Nan Philip from Simply Elegant cleverly combines different prints, floral looks and wine glass colors to create a smiley vibe. Result? The perfect combination of elegance and eclecticism.

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Rethink Your Floral Arrangement

tablescape  - X-Nets

Want to add flowers to your desktop? Think beyond the vase and place the flowers directly on the table. Here, Julie Blanner has woven several thin branches between the gilded candlesticks, creating an absolutely ethereal atmosphere.

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Weave in Some Greenery

tablescape  - X-Nets

Torn between wreaths and vases full of flowers? Why not both? Black & Blooms’ Sarah Tufaly uses this powerful combination to transform her dining table into a luxurious retreat. Best of all, you can recreate this look all year round. Eucalyptus in spring Pines in winter? That’s your decision.

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Forgo the Tablecloth

tablescape  - X-Nets

Get rid of the tablecloth completely and be casual. Put the cutlery down instead. “Layers are essential in a room design,” says designer Bria Hummel. “Start with matching napkins or coasters for dinner plates, salad plates and bowls, and matching glasses.”

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Create a Timeless Color Combo

tablescape  - X-Nets

For a tablescape that teeters nicely between subtle and statement, take a look at this setup from Kelly Wearstler. The high-contrast color palette is simple, giving the designer license to experiment with various patterns and materials.

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Add a Conversation-Starter

tablescape - X-Nets

For a table that oscillates well between subtle and clear, check out this take by Kelly Wearstler. The high-contrast color palette is simple and allows designers to experiment with different patterns and materials.

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Have Fun With Fruit

tablescape - X-Nets

Contrary to popular belief, fruit doesn’t have to be limited to your plate. Such an arrangement in In Search of Beauty feels very cozy thanks to a stack of books and neatly arranged pomegranates.

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