Here’s How to Style Your Bar Cart So It Doesn’t Feel Basic

bottles and drinking glasses on cart

My bar has long been one of my favorite places to decorate my home, especially as an avid collector of glassware, cocktail napkins, and decorative trays – I love being able to display all of my favorite finds.

While there is a time and a place to stock up on all that stylish stuff, your bar cart doesn’t have to look like everyone else. How to create a timeless and unique display.

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Try a Table

I’ve always had a thing for traditional wheeled bar carts, but haven’t used casters in a long time. Lately, I’ve been happily stowing my cocktail paraphernalia on a side table or chest of drawers to arrange them in a sophisticated way.

Many of the carts I found were more stylish than I would have liked. So if you also like a more traditional decor, consider using a vintage side table or small cabinet as your bar space. Facebook Marketplace and local thrift stores are great places to buy this type of furniture at a low price.

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Decant Unsightly Liquors

Tray with beautiful glass bottles.

We promise we won’t judge you for buying that bottom bottle of vodka. However, if the bottle you’re bringing home isn’t the prettiest, it may be worth pouring the contents into a glass carafe. It will quickly transform your facility from a college dorm to an elegant adult home.

While some might find it a bit reckless to buy certain perfumes just to attract attention, we don’t mind. There are many great brands to choose from – Boodles Gin and St Germain are my personal favorites.

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Add Some Light

shallow focus photograph of pendant lamp

Placing a lamp atop your cart or table adds instant sophistication. It doesn’t matter what style of fixture you use—I’m constantly switching lamps from one space to another and have tried out quite a few in my bar area.

A black base will add a moody touch, while a wicker lamp will make your space grand millennial chic in no time.

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Introduce Intrigue

Don’t be afraid to add a decorative item or two to the bar area. I love stacks of books, especially ones filled with fun cocktail recipes or published by my favorite restaurants, but why not add a bust or cute jewelry tray to your stack? These types of items add personality and make a statement from the start.

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Mix and Match Trays

Why settle for one tray when you can combine several? I designed a small marble tray from H&M Home with a large tip from Dear Keaton to separate my wine bottles and protect the marble top. The two palettes I use represent very different aesthetics, but it’s never a mistake to mix some patterns.

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