50 Christmas Tree Ideas to Inspire Your Own

close up on christmas ornaments hanging from christmas tree

Your Christmas tree is the perfect canvas for whatever your style of holiday décor may be—whether it’s brightly-colored and tropical, or pared-down and rustic. Still trying to figure out what your Christmas tree style may be? We can help. Keep reading for 50 Christmas tree inspiration ideas, and you’re bound to find one you like.

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Add in Paper Stars

paper stars christmas tree inspiration

Paper stars are a pretty addition to any Christmas tree, and they can add a touch of Scandi-whimsy to even the most formal tree. Plus, you don’t have to buy paper stars to add them to your Christmas décor—you can DIY them too.

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Keep It Simple

christmas tree inspiration simple

If you want to have multiple Christmas trees in your home, but you’re unsure how to decorate them all, here’s what to do. Make one tree the tree in your home—give it your best decorations and place it in a central spot. Other Christmas trees can have a simpler approach to décor with only a few string lights or an ornament or two.

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Hang Garlands

christmas tree inspiration garlands

Felt garlands have been a wonderful addition to the world of Christmas décor the past few years. But they’re for more than just mantels—they’re for Christmas trees too. String a few around your tree for a playful and festive look.

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Make It Monochrome

monochrome christmas tree inspiration

Looking to add a healthy dose of holiday cheer without an overwhelming amount of color? Make your Christmas tree monochrome. The abundance of Christmas décor available means you’ll almost always find everything you need in a certain color.

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Stick With Lights

christmas tree inspiration lights

Ornaments aren’t a required addition to your Christmas tree—for a truly pared-down and peaceful look, stick to adding only lights to your tree and enjoy the relaxing dose of festive green it brings to your space.

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Match Your Garland

christmas tree inspiration matching garland

For a cohesive holiday greenery look, use the same décor on your garland as your Christmas tree. We like what Emily Henderson Design did in the living room above, using the same flowers and stems in both the tree and the nearby garland.

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Go Bare

christmas tree inspiration bare

A Christmas tree without any lights or décor may seem a bit odd at first glance, but it can actually provide a strong seasonal structural element to your space. It’s a bold, modern look that can pay off in the right spaces.

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Don’t Forget Texture

texture christmas tree inspiration

Adding texture is a great way to add some visual interest to your Christmas tree, and garland is a great way to get it. But you can get even double the texture on your tree with two different garlands. Pair a thinner, sparser garland with a thicker one for the best look.

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Try Table Trees

christmas tree inspiration

Tiny Christmas trees can be added all over the home with the right size and base. Take a page out of Finding Lovely’s book and add some Christmas tree branches in pots and vases for a tabletop Christmas tree look.

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Think About Silvertip Trees

silvertip christmas tree inspiration

With their sparse greenery and funky look, Silvertip Christmas trees are quickly becoming the new ‘it’ tree. Add one to your space and have fun showcasing your favorite ornaments in between the spaced-out branches.

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Add Sunflowers

christmas tree inspiration sunflowers

For a seasonal anachronism that’s still a lot of fun, try adding sunflowers to your Christmas tree like Black and Blooms did. This summery look adds a touch of unexpected personality in an easy way.

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It’s Tinsel Time

tinsel christmas tree inspiration

There’s no doubt about it—retro Christmas décor is having a comeback. And one of the shining stars of the retro décor revival is tinsel. These shimmery strands give your Christmas tree a magical look like no other.

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Go Wide

christmas tree inspiration wide

Want a Christmas tree with lots of ‘oomph,’ but don’t have the ceiling height to go tall? Go wide instead. An extra-wide tree brings plenty of Christmas character to your space without having to settle for the unfortunate squished-Christmas tree look.

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Try Tropical

tropical christmas tree inspiration

Colder months have you dreaming of warmer places? Turn your Christmas tree into an ode to the tropics. Look for tropical florals and brightly-colored baubles to give your tree a sunny-days-ahead look.

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Start Small

small christmas tree inspiration

Small and simple Christmas trees are a great way to provide a festive touch to otherwise-forgotten spaces like underneath the stairway or in a small corner.

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Use Your Statement Windows

statement windows christmas tree inspiration

If you’re fortunate enough to have a statement window or two in your home, make it the home of your Christmas tree. You’ll be able to show off your beautifully decorated tree to the neighborhood, and the windows are most likely already the visual centerpiece of your space.

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DIY a Tree Skirt

christmas tree inspiration tree skirt

If you don’t feel like spending money on a tree skirt, we don’t blame you. Thankfully, you can repurpose what you already have a use a small throw blanket at the base of the tree for a similar effect.

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Coordinate Wrapping Paper and Your Tree Skirt

christmas tree inspiration wrapping paper tree skirt

Speaking of tree skirts, they’re also an easy way to decide how to wrap your Christmas presents too. Coordinate your wrapping paper with your tree skirt for a festive and matching look.

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Try White

white chrismtas tree inspiration

Who says green trees have all the fun? Give your home a modern holiday look with a white Christmas tree. White trees are a great addition to a home with mid-century modern style, and they’re the perfect canvas for brightly-colored ornaments.

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Put It in a Basket

basket christmas tree inspiration

Christmas tree baskets can hold your Christmas tree (and keep it looking good!) without taking up as much space as tree skirt would. Consider using them when your tree is already a tight fit in your space.

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Match Your Décor

christmas tree inspiration

If your struggling to make your Christmas tree ‘fit’ with the rest of your home, add in home décor that meshes with your tree décor, or vise versa. The space above from Home Made by Carmona is a great example of this, as the jade throw pillow matches the deep green ornaments on the nearby tree.

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Frame Your Tree

christmas tree inspiration frame

Surround your tree with garland to frame your Christmas tree and really make it the centerpiece of your space. For the best look, use garland with a similar texture to your Christmas tree.

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Add Floor Pillows

christmas tree inspiration floor pillows

There are few things as enjoyable as sitting and admiring your newly-decorated Christmas tree. So why not plan for this by adding a few floor pillows nearby?

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Decorate the Whole Corner

corner christmas tree inspiration

If your Christmas tree is in a corner, try making it the hub of all-things-Christmas—add stockings nearby, all your presents, a wreath or two, and any other Christmas décor.

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Use Rose Gold

christmas tree inspiration rose gold

For a fun and festive color scheme for your tree, try out rose gold. These luxe baubles add a little bit of color and a whole lot of opulence.

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Bring in Bedroom Trees

christmas tree inspiration bedroom

When adding a Christmas tree to the bedroom, have it coordinate with the ‘main’ Christmas tree elsewhere in the house. This keeps you from having to buy a whole other style of décor too.

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Add a Flower or Two

flower christmas tree inspiration

For a beautiful yet subtle floral addition to your Christmas tree, add a few large white flowers. These can be either real or faux, but they’ll add a touch of elegance without adding too much clutter.

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Try a Dining Room Tree

christmas tree inspiration dining room

Christmas trees aren’t just for living rooms. Add one to your dining room by picking a narrower tree and giving it a pared-down approach to décor—this will help it stand out in your dining room without feeling overwhelming.

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Use Mismatched Ornaments

mismatched christmas tree inspiration

Your ornaments and baubles don’t need to perfectly match in order to have a stunning Christmas tree. Instead, have fun with mismatched Christmas décor, picking ornaments in different colors from the same color scheme.

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Add Artificial Trees

christmas tree inspiration

Artificial trees may not smell as good as the real ones, but they also bring with them plenty of opportunities for creative creations, like this tall, tinseled and pink tree in the space above from Emily Henderson Design.

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Try Front Porch Trees

christmas tree inspiration front porch

Your front door is another great place for a Christmas tree or two. You can use a real, potted tree (but make sure to maintain it) or an artificial one you can use year after year.

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Use Your Houseplants

christmas tree inspiration houseplants

Your Christmas tree doesn’t need to be the only green thing in the room, especially if you’re already a houseplant aficionado. Instead, place your tree alongside all your other houseplants for a lush and festive look.

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Opt for Oversized

christmas tree inspiration oversized

For a fun take on the standard glass ornament, add a few oversized ones to your tree. These extra-large baubles work well on large Christmas trees or trees where you want to keep the décor more minimalist.

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Show Off Your Memories

personal memories christmas tree inspiration

Your Christmas tree is more than just a chance to show off your style—it’s also a chance to show off you. Don’t forget to add in a few personal or keepsake ornaments that remind you of special memories or loved ones.

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Use Poinsettias

christmas tree inspiration poinsettias

Christmas trees aren’t the only festive houseplant around—poinsettias are a great holiday houseplant too. Add a few near your Christmas tree to complete the December greenery look.

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Add an Oversized Topper

christmas tree inspiration oversized topper

For a Christmas tree that’s top-heavy in all the right ways, use an oversized tree topper. We love the pretty star on the tree above from Travelling Apartment, and you can also look at adding toppers like angels, snowflakes or something more abstract.

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Create a Frosted Look

christmas tree inspiration frosty

To give your Christmas tree a fun and frosty look, add lots of white and blue décor. To make it even more on the nose, add a few snowflake ornaments too.

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Make a Countdown

christmas tree inspiration countdown

Miniature Christmas trees can be the backdrop for fun holiday traditions, like an advent or Christmas countdown calendar. Place numbered mini ornaments from one to 25 on the tree and add an ornament each day as Christmas gets closer.

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Bring in the Kids

christmas tree inspiration kids

Don’t let the adults have all the fun when it comes to Christmas tree decorating. Have a Christmas tree crafting session with kids and let them create some decorations to add to your tree.

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Surround Your Tree With (Even More) Trees

christmas tree inspiration lots of trees

Another way to make your Christmas tree stand out is by surrounding it with lots of smaller trees. These mini trees can sit on the floor next to the tree, or they can be placed nearby on a fireplace mantel or side table.

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Tie in Ribbon

christmas tree inspiration ribbon

Rolling streams of ribbon on your Christmas tree can create a dynamic, cascading look. When picking ribbon to do this with, consider using the same ribbon you’re using for gift-wrapping.

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Decorate Your Bar Cart

christmas tree inspiration bar cart

Mini Christmas trees can go almost anywhere, bar carts included. We love this themed tree in the space above from Emily Henderson Design. The wine and cocktail glass ornaments are a fun nod to the bar cart it sits upon.

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Use Colorful Lights

christmas tree inspiration colorful lights

White lights may be all the rage, but colorful Christmas tree lights have their place too. Add a strand or two to your tree for fun pops of festive color at night.

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Group Smaller Trees Together

christmas tree inspiration group together

Ready to go Christmas-crazy, but it’s still a little too early for your normal holiday décor? Add a grouping of mini Christmas trees to your home in late November as a little Christmas décor preview.

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Hang Candy Canes

christmas tree inspiration candy canes

Don’t forget to add a classic candy cane or two to your Christmas tree. Not only are these fun pops of cheery color, but they’re also a delicious midnight snack (and you can just blame the missing candy cane on Santa).

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Intertwine Your Houseplants and Trees

christmas tree inspiration

For a unique take on houseplants and Christmas trees, intertwine your favorite houseplants amidst the greenery of your tree, like Casa Watkins Living did in the living room above.

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Add a Tree Trio

christmas tree inspiration trio

Can’t get enough Christmas trees? Turn it into a trio. To make this trinity-of-trees work, pick three simpler and narrower trees, and use décor sparingly, with the largest tree in the middle as the main Christmas tree.

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Perfect Your Piano

christmas tree inspiration piano

If your home holds a piano, don’t forget to give it a festive touch. Add a mini tree or two to give it a holiday twist.

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Add a Tropical Topper

christmas tree inspiration tropical tree topper

For a unique tree topper that’s a bit more tropical than a snow-covered star or angel, place a large palm leaf at the top of your tree. You can also use other large leaves with a similarly-statuesque look.

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Make It Rustic

christmas tree inspiration rustic

Want to add a rustic look to your Christmas tree décor? Use hand-pressed clay ornaments, or create few dried orange garlands to hang. Both of these down-to-earth additions will give your tree a beautifully homespun look.

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