5 Easy Ways to Make Any Area of Your Home Look More Organized

variety of sewing threads and buttons in a box with divider

Believe it or not, learning how to keep your house in order (so you can get your life in order before your friends and family threaten you into hoarding) can be a daunting task. It’s easier than you. Marie Kondo should be next!

The truth is, even if decluttering seems like a constant struggle, it doesn’t mean you can’t clean up or the mess is out of control… no! Maybe I’m just trying to get through the chaos with the wrong organization.

There are no exact “right” or “wrong” ways to organize, but depending on the organizational challenges you face at home, some organizing and organizing methods may be more effective than others.

Just like you wouldn’t use a mop to clean the tub or a toothbrush to clean the floor, technically both tools can have some effect if you put in enough effort. You must take the wrong approach to the problem and categorize it all.

So no matter how messy it is, no matter how long the junk is around, and no matter how helpless you feel every time you try to fix it, we promise there is hope. Here are 5 effective ways to clean up any part of your home, no matter how big or small your mess is.

variety of sewing threads and buttons in a box with divider

1. Corral Small Items Together

When you look at photos of well-organized kitchens and bathrooms, they all have one thing in common. But how can you do that when you have tons of items to unlock and get easily every day? The answer is simple. Close it with a clean tray. Or, for larger items, store them in the elegant open storage compartment that can be placed for easy access. Think of it as organized chaos. It keeps all the scattered little things in one place, be it jewelry, cleanser, suspenders, toothbrush holders, etc., and the rest of the surface looks clean and tidy.

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2. Organize By Color

Ideal for almost any place that has items for everyone to see, such as bookshelves, kitchen shelves, a fridge magnet collection, or your child’s 1001 soft toys. Try the ROYGBV organizing method. Basically, sorting by the colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) will give you a more organized view of the clutter, and white, black, and brown will also have their own sections. , if it is needed. It doesn’t actually remove the extra elements or hide them, but they are sorted by color so they look neat from a distance.

depth of field photography of file arrangement

3. Try the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” Approach

You already know that getting rid of the things you don’t need or need is the first step to breaking out of the clutter and becoming more organized. But if you’ve done it and still feel like your drawers and cabinets are about to explode, try this little game: pick an overly cluttered area of ​​your house. Or an overflowing linen closet – get everything. Then select 5-10 most used or favorite items from the pack (the number may vary depending on the category of items you are working on) and only the featured items will be deselected and reordered. Put the rest in a black trash bag at the bottom of the closet for a month. See how many times you’ve had to rummage through your bag looking for items that aren’t on your scrapbook list. 

organized white wooden closet

4. Create an “Inbox”

Even if everything in your house is in order, it can be difficult to stay 100% organized all the time. In this way, you can create your own “mailbox” so as not to clutter up a small mess. Basically, it’s an all-encompassing place for things that need to be organized or sorted out but don’t have time for right now. help. Whether it’s a small trash can under your desk or a spare laundry basket tucked away in the corner of your hallway, everything lost during the day goes into your inbox and is sorted by day. , Return the item to its original position. This way, your home will always feel organized, even on the busiest days.

black padded rolling armchair beside desk

5. Consider Organization Through a New Lens

When your friends and family members enter your home, they don’t always see what you see. Even if you use the organizing methods above to keep your home as clean as possible, your home may still appear dirty to others. To see if this is the case, it is helpful to change your point of view. Stand in the corner of the room and quickly take a picture of the entire room with your phone. Now, instead of looking at the real space world, look at the pictures. It makes it 10x harder to look at your home with a fresh eye, helping you identify lingering areas that need your attention.


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