20 Outdoor Party Decoration Ideas for Your Next Soirée

two women arranging decorations on an outdoor picnic party

When choosing a venue for a party, the venue seems like the obvious choice. But don’t forget to take your meeting outside—your outdoor space can be more spacious than your living room, allowing guests to get some fresh air.

The decoration for an outdoor party can look very different. But we’ve rounded up some of our favorite outdoor party decorating ideas, and you’re sure to be able to bring one to life. Read on to find your favorite.

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Pair Patterns

outdoor party idea dinner -X-Nets

To make your outdoor party spectacular, you should combine the tablecloth with the rest of your outdoor decorations like a parasol or patio furniture. Different patterns can also add a different feel to your space, with blue stripes for a nautical vibe and green palm trees for a tropical vibe.

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Go for Low-Key

outdoor party ideas conversation set  -X-Nets

For an intimate outdoor gathering with friends, the decor can be very discreet. But reserved doesn’t mean boring. Use an outdoor light or two, throw in a few throw pillows and prepare an elegant dinner for an elegant yet casual outdoor gathering.

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Make Details Count

outdoor party ideas lunch  -X-Nets

Just because your party is outdoors doesn’t mean decorating guides are tossed out the window. Details also count on the outside. Add the perfect accessories for a cozy outdoor setting, like candles, vases of fresh fruit and comfy chairs. Small details like this can really hold a room together.

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Get a (Big) Tent

outdoor party idea garden party  -X-Nets

Looking to throw an outdoor party this season? Unless you live in a rainless, temperate wonderland, tents are probably a must. Tents can withstand the elements and heat, and they’re also fun to decorate with garlands, swags, and greenery to add a festive vibe to your outdoor space.

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Decorate Your Fence

outdoor party ideas patio set  -X-Nets

Your fence isn’t just a boundary between architectural lines—it’s also an unexpected place to add personality. Think of your fence as a blank wall and you’ll find that it’s a great place to decorate, whether it’s the 30th anniversary-themed party or everyday outdoor life.

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Use Water Features

outdoor party idea hottub  -X-Nets

Is there a jacuzzi or pool? Make it the centerpiece of your outdoor party. The hot tub is perfect for small gatherings with friends while the pool is perfect for large gatherings. Add some seating for casual conversation and some lights to set the mood and you have the perfect spot for a summer party.

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Fall for a Fairytale

outdoor party idea nighttime  -X-Nets

Outdoor spaces can feel truly magical with a few small additions: exquisite warm lighting, plants with miniature flowers, and plenty of comfortable seating. Put the pieces together and you have a wonderful fairytale-like outdoor gathering place.

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Keep It Simple

outdoor party ideas evening  -X-Nets

Of course, you don’t have to work hard to party outdoors. You can also just stick to the basics. Use a few practical, stylish pieces and a string of lights to create an enchanting, classic atmosphere that’s easy to put together.

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Use Your Shade

outdoor party ideas shade  -X-Nets

If you’re in an area that can get hot quickly, it’s important to plan your outdoor party with whatever shade you may have. This centuries-old oak tree not only provides great aesthetics but also provides coolness and shade for your party guests.

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Opt for an Umbrella

outdoor party ideas umbrella  -X-Nets

No natural tint? no problem. Place a large umbrella over your dining table or a seating area to temper the summer heat. If you don’t already have one, consider moving it around (instead of pinning it to a table) so it can provide shade where you need it during the day.

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Purchase a Pergola

outdoor party ideas pergola  -X-Nets

Another sun protection option for outdoor parties? Pergola. While not as portable as parasols, pergolas are a great architectural feature to add to your yard and they can help define your outdoor green space.

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Live in Luxury

outdoor party ideas desert  -X-Nets

For an outdoor party fit for a celebrity, create a luxurious environment to spend the night. Surround your gazebo or gazebo in beautiful ruffled fabric and add some vibrant lights to set the mood. Top it off with outdoor furniture in bold, stylish patterns to create a luxurious space.

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Add n Appetizer Space

outdoor party ideas appetizers  -X-Nets

If your outdoor party has multiple courses, consider setting up separate areas for different parts of the meal. A small, casual seating area becomes a home for appetizers, while a longer dining table serves as a place for main courses.

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Get Low

outdoor party decor low table  -X-Nets

For a unique seating experience, try throwing cushions on an open rug combined with a low table. It’s a great way to spice things up for your party guests, and it looks great with matching throw pillows.

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Perfect Your Picnic

outdoor party decor picnic  -X-Nets

Another idea for a small crowd: a picnic. Include a picnic blanket for outdoor gatherings with multiple people. But this isn’t your kids’ picnic – create a luxurious atmosphere with candles, elegant crockery and plush pillows.

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Create Multiple Spaces

outdoor party decor multiple spaces  -X-Nets

Creating space for conversation in large meetings can be difficult. If you don’t want conversations to just be in large circles, you can create small, separate seating areas that are perfect for casual conversations.

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Use Neon

outdoor party decor neon lights  -X-Nets

Neon signs have come a long way since the classic “Open” sign. Now you can use it almost anywhere e.g. B. in your garden. Not only does this bright light look much better outside than inside, it also creates a dreamy party atmosphere in any outdoor space.

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Bring in Flowers

outdoor party decor flowers  -X-Nets

If you have flowers or other greenery in your garden, include them in your party decorations. Place small flowers in the lot settings or create a garland with added greenery trimmings.

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Try Texture

outdoor party decor texture  -X-Nets

Another way to take your outdoor party style from 0 to 100 is to add lots of texture. Combine wicker with fabric or wood with thick weave for visually interesting and stylish decor.

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Make Space for Kids

outdoor party decorations kids  -X-Nets

If you are throwing an outdoor party and you have a family, make sure to leave room for the kids as well. A small tent, play set, swing, or outdoor game will do just fine.

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