11 Chic Birthday Party Decorating Ideas for a Festive Celebration

people celebrating a girl s birthday

Birthday parties were all the rage when you were a kid, but as you got older they kind of fell by the wayside. Well, not anymore – if you really wanted to throw a big birthday party (for yourself, your spouse, or your best friend), now is the time.

There are many clever ways to celebrate the start of the new year that are very easy to replicate. Below are 11 decorating ideas to help you get into planning mode as quickly as possible.

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Bust Out Witty Cocktail Napkins

witty cocktail napkins

Making a unique birthday cocktail is always fun, but why stop there? These fancy cocktail napkins will turn your event into a real Instagram moment. Even better, when guests set their glasses down, they can easily remember which drink is theirs by memorizing the pattern on their napkins.

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Add Florals to Your Tablescape

floral vases on tabletop

No tablescape is complete without flowers as they add so much color and life to any setting. Whether you’re picking flowers in your own garden or just for a quick Trader Joe run, you’ll want to collect a variety of beautiful bouquets. Place them in different vases scattered above and below the table and your space will be even warmer and more luxurious.

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Print Custom Menus

printed menus

Create a custom menu with all your VIP favorites, then print it out on pretty cardstock and place it on everyone’s plate. Your guests will feel like they are in a trendy restaurant and will appreciate what to expect from each dish in detail.

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Get Creative With Food Presentation

orange birthday cake

Don’t forget the small details! Little touches like substituting in oranges or pairing them with a slice of orange cake can make a party memorable. After all, everyone loves a good theme!

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Take to the Beach

beach picnic

If you live near the beach, consider throwing a beach party. A wine and cheese party by the sea is a great way to celebrate a summer birthday. Anyone can grab a plate and socialize in the sun and then jump into the water.

To beautify your beachside setting, take inspiration from the photo above, where the pillows and blankets are designed to look like cozy chic table and chair settings.

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Create Custom Birth Year Cookies

birth year cookies

Whether it’s a milestone birthday or not, the guests will love the special birthday cookies, which are of course edible, but mostly serve as decoration. Arrange them on fancy plates and let your friends take as many as they like. As party favors, younger children can decorate their cookies with icing and sprinkles.

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Bring on the Sprinkles

sprinkles in clear vase

Add a special touch to your birthday flower arrangement by placing sprinkles in clear vases (keep flowers in separate containers). The end result is so delicious and even better when accompanied by a floral themed cake.

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Make Chic Place Cards

wine cork place cards

For a backyard wine dinner, use wine corks to spice up your seating cards. This method is affordable and easy to make with your own hands, but it makes a big impression. Plus, guests know where to sit for more formal meals.

Use the assigned seating plan as an opportunity to introduce friends you may not know but who have common interests.

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Lay Out a Blanket

boho chic setup with pillows

Recreate the backyard beach picnic scene with soft, colorful throw pillows, a low table, and a rug to keep everyone cozy. The party was themed ‘glamping’ and guests also enjoyed a hot cocoa station.

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Go Big With Light Up Numbers

light up numbers

Celebrate that big birthday by purchasing a glowing number that shows your age. They also make great photo props. Take a picture with a Polaroid camera and let your guests create fond memories.

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Create Ambiance With String Lights

backyard dinner

Hang garlands in your garden to make your dinner special. You can even opt for colorful scrunchies in festive hues like pink or green, depending on what the birthday girl prefers.

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