Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room | 2022

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If you’re searching for decorating ideas for the living room, keep reading! We’ll cover everything from wall art to 3-D objects and more. We’ve got tips for how to choose which kind of decor will work best in your home and what decorations to use—you’ll be able to pick out something that looks great and makes your living space feel warm and inviting.

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1. Gallery Wall

The gallery wall is a great way to display your favorite art and photos. It is a great way to bring color into the room. It is also a great way to bring texture into the room because it brings in different textures through various materials such as wood, stone, and metal. The gallery wall can also be used to add patterns to your space by using prints or photographs with different patterns on them.

retro fashioned cabinet with elegant lamps in cozy flat

2. Vintage and art pieces

Vintage items are a great way to add character to your home. Whether you’re looking for art, furniture, or décor pieces, vintage pieces can be found in thrift stores and antique shops as well as on sites like Etsy. However, it is important that you understand the difference between quality and junk. You’ll also want to make sure that if you’re purchasing an expensive piece of vintage artwork, it comes with documentation so that you know where it came from and who created it.

If you’re not able to afford the high prices of authentic vintage items or don’t have access to them at all (beyond what’s available at your local flea market), there are still ways that you can bring this trend into your home through DIY projects such as repurposing old bookshelves into wall art display cases or making a chic mirror using a simple frame and decorative paper backing instead of glass (which will allow light through).

interior of travel agency workplace

3. Wall map

If you’re looking for a way to show off your love of travel and the world, a wall map is a perfect option. You can choose from a number of different options depending on how specific you’d like to be with your map.

If you have no interest in hanging up an entire world map but still want something that shows some geographical diversity, try getting a local or regional one instead. Or maybe you’d like to display where all your favorite places are located on Earth! You could draw your own map with markers or paint and then hang it on your wall with some string or thumbtacks so everyone can enjoy seeing what things look like in this part of our planet.

If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s seeing where they grew up. A wall map that shows where you were raised will make everyone who enters your home feel right at home too! Choose an old favorite or present-day location like New York City or Paris (if you’ve been), but do so with caution—this isn’t about showing off where you’ve been traveling recently; it’s about showcasing where others’ roots are planted deep into their pasts. The best part of this idea? It works even if all those roots are located within city limits!

4. Removable wallpaper

green and white lampshade light

If you’re into removable wallpaper, it can be applied to any smooth surface. It can be removed and reapplied throughout the years, so no worries if you change your mind about where it goes! Removable wallpaper is ideal for creating a pattern or hiding an ugly wall. You might even use it as a focal point or feature wall.

5. Oversized mirror

shining interior of luxury living room

Use a mirror as a focal point. A large, statement-making mirror can be used in your living room to help create a focal point for your design scheme, as well as reflect light around the room and make it appear larger than it actually is.

Use a mirror to create the illusion of more space. Mirrors are perfect for this and can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall. What’s more, hang multiple mirrors in one area of your home to create symmetry and balance throughout your space.

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assorted photo collection

6. Framed photographs and artwork

Use framed photographs to add interest to the walls of your living room. There are many ways to hang them, including hanging them in a grid pattern or on an angle.

Grid pattern: To create a grid of photos, arrange them so that each one is centered and evenly spaced from the others on all sides. This look can work well for small groups but isn’t ideal for large photo collections.

Diagonal: Hang photos along a line going up one wall and over to another wall, so that they create triangles when viewed from above (when hung high enough). This arrangement is best used with a small number of photos since more than 10 would get cluttered-looking pretty quickly!

Stair step pattern: Arrange frames in stair steps by placing them just above or below one another at regular intervals—one picture per step up until it reaches the ceiling; then place another set at its base (if there’s room) or above it—so they form little towers around your space. You can also do this in reverse if you want more depth between each image instead of height!

Random placement: Displaying pictures randomly will create visual interest throughout any surface area without feeling chaotic; choose pieces that complement each other’s color scheme(s) but don’t necessarily match perfectly, unless you want them too.

black canvas placed on brick fireplace in light room

7. Sculptures or 3D objects

Sculptures and 3-D objects are a great way to add interest to your walls. If you have an eye for art, there are many places you can purchase sculptures. However, if you’re not so skilled in this area, there are other options. You can find many interesting pieces at thrift stores or flea markets at very affordable prices that would make great additions to your living room wall decor!

modern room interior with sculpture and furniture in house

8. Iron arts

Iron art is a great way to add a touch of nature to your home. You can choose from many different iron art pieces, such as Suncatchers, Solar garden stakes, Wind chimes, Bird feeders and etc.

Iron art is easy to install and can be used in a variety of ways, making it an affordable way to decorate your living room or any other room in your home! These pieces are durable and will last for years, making them an investment worth making right now.

9. Green plants

plants in pot on wall

Plants are good for the environment.

Flowers and plants have a multitude of benefits to us humans. The color they add to our home is one reason people love them so much, but they also help filter our air by removing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. They can even lower our blood pressure and stress levels, which makes them an ideal addition to your living room if you want to reduce your stress levels or simply relax after work. And since these plants do all those things by simply being there, you don’t need any fancy equipment or setup!

In short: plants are awesome (and beautiful).

10. Clocks

london new york tokyo and moscow clocks

Clocks are a great way to add some personality to your living room. They can be used as a focal point, or they can serve as a subtle accent piece. You can find clocks that match the rest of your furniture, or you can choose one that stands out and makes a statement all on its own (like an oversized clock with bold colors or intricate patterns). Either way, clocks are sure to add color and style to any room!


We hope that we’ve given you some ideas for how to decorate your living room. Remember, the most important thing is to stay true to your own style. Whether you prefer minimalism or maximalism, the key is finding the way that works best for you—and then sticking with it!

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