Wood End Tables for Living Room | 2022

When considering buying a wooden end table for your living room, we’d better include the sizes, shapes(design) and finishes(Style), and functions. If you want to see the suggestions directly, simply jump to Best Affordable End Tables For Living Room or Best And Most Stylish Side Tables for Living Room.

Talking about the size, it depends on the space of your living room. The more important factors are the finishes and shapes. its shapes and finishes are the most important elements that make a difference to the style of your living room.

Regarding the finishes of end tables, different colors lead to different styles for your living room. For example, to create a rustic appeal in your living room, you’d better choose the honey-toned wood that coordinates with, if you have caramel tone wooden wall. Or if you need to feature your living room a warm feeling, you’d better choose a warm walnut color to go with.

The Shapes Of Wood End Tables

As for the shapes, roughly, they can be separated as round wood end tables and rectangles.

Rectangle Wood End Table

The rectangular wood side tables bring a timeless look to any living space. Going through all the designs of the rectangular wood side tables, most of them are going with drawers or shelves that offer ample sofa-side storage. They are available in various shapes, finishes, and sizes to match your living room decor. The transitional styling is perfect for any living room.

Round Wood End Table

Different from the rectangle wood end table, generally, the round wood end tables are simpler in their shape and have less space for storage.

The Style Of Wood End Tables

Rattan Style Side Table

If you have a close look at the trend of interior decorating, you must have noticed that the Rattan Trend is gaining hold. It seems that whichever style you look at, from British Colonial through to Coastal, Bohemian, Retro, or Sandie, the Rattan Trend is firmly entrenched. The casual look that it introduces to the living room gives a comfortable feeling in the house.

Rattan is so versatile in decorating your living room – it can be used for furniture, mirrors, chairs, bedheads, and lampshades to name but a few. Of course, the end table.

The Functions of Wood End Tables

Generally speaking, the functions of the end tables are placing items on them and enlarging the storage places of your living room. Thus, we can see lots of wood end tables are going with drawers. What’s more, some manufacturers notice that those end tables with drawers might block the wall charging ports, which results in producing some wood end tables that have a charging function.

Wood End Table With Drawers

Bottom Line

To choose a wood end table, simply speaking, there’re only 3 dimensions to think through, the size, the design and style, and the functions. Based on those, you could choose the most suitable one under the budget you set. Hopefully, this article could give you a few hints for selecting a wood end table for your living room. If you’re not sure whether a wood end table is suitable for your home interior design or not, just jump to Beginner’s Guide to DIY Interior Home Design.

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